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Dark Brown Sugar 50 Lbs

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Dark brown sugar is pure cane sugar blended with sweet molasses and used in baked items and cooking glazes. With more molasses than light brown sugar, dark brown sugar provides a deeper color and more intense molasses flavor. The crumbly nature makes it a delicious topping for food items such as oatmeal, yogurt and fruit.

22.68 kilograms, 50 pounds

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Brown Sugar (Sugar, Cane Syrup), Caramel may be added for color
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2 Reviews

Sharon Marcus 8th Dec 2017

Pike's dark brown sugar

This is the richest dark brown sugar I have found anywhere and I've been looking for almost 2 years. It truly enhances the flavor of anything you cook with it. Great product.

Sharon Marcus 1st Dec 2016

Nice, moist, rich flavor

I am so glad we found Pike Foods. The Dark Brown sugar we were using was not as moist and did not have that rich flavor.
Keep up the good work

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